Be Together

West Hill Bungalows is the ideal place to celebrate your love for each other and let the romance sparks in the peaceful nature surrounding. It is perfect for honeymooners, wedding anniversaries or any couple who would like to take some time off to enjoy each other company.

In the morning let the singing of the bird wake you up and enjoy your breakfast on the terrace with a good cup of tea or coffee. During the day take a 3 minute walk together to the picturesque beach Playa Forti or watch the fishermen at work and enjoy the flavor of the Island’s culture at Playa Piskado.

The wooden deck offers in the late afternoon or early evening hours the perfect place to experience a romantic sunset and to enjoy later on a good glass of wine under the stars.

And when it is time to retire for the day, cuddle up in the cozy air-conditioned bedroom and enjoy a night full of love and passion.