West Hill Bungalows is close to the beautiful coast of Curacao (South side!) and as "backyard" the Christoffel park with its huge beautiful hills, calm and exceptional flora and fauna.

In the early morning start the day with the chirping of the birds. Kolibri is a welcome guest in our beautiful park garden. Sit on the veranda you can admire the birds in the garden. The sun set into the sea from any porch and also the pleasure of the singing birds. The natural parks of Boka and Saeed christoffelpark are a 5-minute drive from the park on the north side of Curacao. The wild north coast you can admire here, a great experience at the Curacao Underwater "pistol" is perhaps the most beautiful ... This amazing underwater world is also with a snorkel to admire but a scuba dive all right makes it an overwhelming experience.

Jan and Diane know the best dive sites (are very close, a few car minutes) and Henk can as an experienced instructor and/or guide. Classes are also to apply for.