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About Us

Our Story

Since 2020 Westhill Bungalows is under the management of us, Maren and Alain. And as we are both passionate divers and instructors, it was a logical consequence that the diving became also a part of Westhill. Maren is running the daily business, helping with all the questions and wishes of our guests and doing the guided dives and courses. Alain is helping out and is doing additional the technical dives.

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My name is Leeloo and I am the most important employee of Westhill (the cats will try to tell you different, but they don't know it better). My job is checking the well-being of our guests and that everything is running. I love cuddles and playing, but also sleeping in the sun.

We are Blondie and Lapje, the most senior employees here at Westhill. We keep our eyes on it, that everything stays smooth and relaxed (even when that crazy doggy tries to make things more chaotic). You can find us most of the time relaxing in the sun at one of the porches. We accept cuddles every now and then but we are corruptible with treats.

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