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Free WiFi
Pool Area
In Between Cleaning
Dive Corner
The Garden
Rental Car
Just click on one of the photos and find out a bit more.   Do you need more info just contact us.
BBQ Area

A great place to eat and relax with family and friends.   From local fish up to any steak.  You can clean and prepare you food, while sipping on a cool drink.
Play some games or learn your ON-line dive knowledge

Free Wifi

We have a fast Fiberoptic Internet connection.  Built on that we offer a Free fast Wifi network on the Park.  When you check-in just scan the QR-code and you are online.
A great combination for online working, or just let your loved ones now that You have a great time on Curacao.  You need max speed? Just contact the front desk.


Ready for a cool down? The Pool is there for you. We make sure its clean and ready for you all day long.  Relaxing start of your holiday under the umbrellas.
Or sipping a nice cocktail with you feet's in the water.    Or just have fun.
Dive Gear & Storage
For all the Guests we have Storage for dive Gear. So bring your gear. Or do you need rental Equipment, we have it all for you.  Just make sure that you contact us before departure.  And we are more than ready for you   The Crystal clear water off Curacao is waiting for you.     

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Rental Car Services

Do you need a Rental car during your Stay with us. Just let us know on time and we make it happen.   They pick you up at the airport when you arrive.   And make sure that you are there on time, when its time to leave us.
We work with some local companies, so they can help you at any time.  An great way to explore the island or go for diving.
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